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yoshin ryu jujitsu

Yoshin Ruy Jujitsu was founded by Akiyama Shirobi Yoshitoki in 1723. Akiyama used the concept of JU (supple/gentle) from the Willow branches he was observing, which were yelding and allow the heavy snow to fall off in opposition to the stiff branches of the Oak tree that began to break under the weight of the snow. Akiyama decided to name his style of Jujitsu (Gentle Art) "YoShin Ryu Jujitsu" or (Willow Heart School/Willow Spirit Style) which is based on the pliability of the willow tree and its ability to bend under force rather than break.

Traditional jujitsu uses an attacker's movement and energy against them; JU meaning  "soft controls hard"

Many martial arts historians recognize Jujitsu or Jiu Jitsu as the first established martial arts system, originating in India some two thousand years before Christ. It spread to Asia and eventually proliferated in the feudal Japan. "Jujitsu" or Jiu Jitsu is a word that

means "skill". Very broadly and generally speaking, an art that ends with the suffix "Jitsu" refers to the one of the battlefield arts of the samurai. This is where the words  "Bujitsu" (Martial Art) and "Budo" (Martial Way) come from.  Bujitsu, or Martial Art, is one that has application in the warfare of the feudal period of Japan.

A "Budo" is an art that is more concerned with moral development, aesthetic form and physical fitness, all in that order.

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